The Jordan River Valley has played central role throughout history as a gateway and crossing point linking Europe, Africa and Asia. The numerous sites of natural and cultural heritage that line both banks of the lower Jordan river are valued the world over and justify the valley’s description as a cultural landscape of universal significance. Through that connectivity and linearity in time, Gitai Architects Firm aims to inscribe and to design the project on this specific border between the two countries. By restoring, renovating and redesigning the structure, a visitors’ center and tourism compound can be created, which will focus on questions concerning the environment in general and the Jordan River in particular. The purpose of the project is to present the general public with the history of the site and to increase the visitors' awareness on the subject of water, thus connecting it to various technological aspects of creation and progress.

Floor plans

An additional key topic is the importance of the geo-strategic dialogue and environmental education between Israel and Jordan at the meeting points of the territories. The creation of the space preserves the historical utilities, reflecting the Jordan water with gallery space for large installations. An addition of a second building will be situated on both sides of the river banks in this natural atmosphere, while simultaneously exhibiting contemporary art open to the public. Furthermore, tourism initiatives- specifically in the Jordan River Valley-are identified as a strong framework to advance peaceful relations between the people of Jordan and Israel. The design provides a platform for the parties’ mutual desire to promote cooperation between them in the field of tourism and attaches great importance to the integrated development of the Jordan Rift Valley area, including joint projects in the economic, environmental, energy-related and tourism fields.

perspective view
Al Bakoora, Jordan
NGO, Ecopeace
Start Of Construction
January 1st, 2017
Program Type
Gitai Architects
End Of Construction
February 4th, 2019
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